North Pole Expeditions

North PoleDuring the 16th century, numerous distinguished people thought that the North Pole was situated at sea level.

It has been given the name Polynia in the 19th century, which also means circumpolar sea. Expeditions have been set out before in order to discover where it really is.

One of the first expeditions took place in 1827. It was led by William Edward Parry, a British naval officer. In 1871, Charles Francis Hall led an American expedition in search of the North Pole. This, however, proved to be just another unsuccessful attempt as the expedition ended in disaster.

The April 1895 Norwegian expedition which has been led by Fridtjof Nansen and Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen has reached the latitude 86° 14ґ North, while the 1897 Swedish expedition which was led by Engineer Salomon August Andrйe ended in another tragedy. The 1990 Norwegian expedition which was led by Bratvaag found the remains of the fatal attempt.

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